Our Researchers have both broad and deep understanding of issues related to social change within the spectrum of peace to conflict. PCP researchers are available to support you in achieving your project goals.

To best serve our clients, our researchers work to your project scope - fulfilling part- and/or full-time capacities. Our research teams include systems analysts, subject matter experts, web-technology specialists, innovations/futurists, economists, and other identified expertise required to complete our interdisciplinary approach to research. Project managers apply the Effects Based Approaches to Operations (EBAO) logic used by NATO mission planning departments. This planning process drives all resources and conceptualization towards achieving client goals.

Our range of research products include:

  1. Writing, editing and publishing of articles, books, reports, and web-based reports
  2. Conference/workshop outcome reports and publications
  3. Funding applications
  4. Project evaluations
  5. Client website audits
  6. Conversion of theories and concepts into conceptual graphics for inclusion in client reports/publications
  7. Software design, including E-commerce and Command and Control systems
  8. Economic, financial and investment modeling
  9. Governance 2.0 systems and architectures
  10. Community livability and health audits