Community Economic Development

Our approach applies the principles of Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) - a type of project used in international development - which are in line with the flexible business model required to survive and thrive in the new global economy. Applying these principles to community economic development promotes long-term financial sustainability and profitability.

We focus on creating measurable economic results. Our interest lies in improving the effectiveness of economic development projects so that clients and partners can improve their results.

We bring international lessons learned and best practices to bear in specific regional marketplaces - whether domestic or international - because in our experience, there are incredible results being achieved in very difficult environments, and similar or better results can be realized in other places. We help realize these results through economic development projects and partnerships on two levels:


  • Community economic investment models which are pro-private sector business;
  • Policy recommendations;
  • Master plan implementation;
  • Raising investment capital for the community and local businesses;
  • Creation of business incubation centres which are both private and public;
  • Building and launching new businesses
  • Strengthening existing SMEs for new growth and profitability
  • E-commerce and web marketing integration
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Healthy whole-of-community planning


  • Structuring investment and finance models for communities to support business growth
  • Lobbying for policy changes and new legislation that streamlines economic growth
  • International trade and city twinning