Partnership Opportunity

Partnering with PCP can enhance your organization, your projects, and your access to funding and grant programs through national and international collaboration. We offer four types of partnering opportunities:

1. Join our network of experts
Our practitioners are not consultants; they are innovators and leaders in their fields/disciplines who have chosen to combine their efforts with us as:

  • Researchers
  • Junior Associates
  • Senior Associates
  • Junior Partners
  • Senior Partners

All have vested interest in PCP. Interested in becoming a PCP Expert? Please contact us.

2. Join our network of organizations
PCP links up with organizations that are successfully implementing projects in the field to enhance their access to more funding by crafting opportunities in other marketplaces for the same project. Interested in becoming part of the PCP network? Please contact us.

3. Become a project collaborator
We have developed collaborative partnerships with government, universities/colleges, and corporations and contribute to community projects innovations, research, analysis, planning, implementation, management, and evaluation services. PCP focuses on Public Private Partnerships (3Ps) at the community level, in order to influence the national level, to result in a global opportunity. Interested in becoming a PCP project collaborator? Please contact us.

4. Own and operate a PCP Country Office
The PCP firm is a franchise opportunity that is duplicatable in your own country. The franchise includes our profitable business model with a country-specific URL web address; a website; an operations program; and a marketing program. Interested in becoming a PCP franchise owner? Please contact us.