About Peace & Conflict Planners

Peace and Conflict Planners was incorporated in 2001.

The company has its roots in Armour Development, a large-scale land development and Real Estate company with over 40 years of success in Markham Ontario Canada. The company pioneered culture and economic development projects, such as exceptional residential complexes, shopping courts, industrial parks, and recreational centres. Such pioneering helped transition Markham Ontario into an economic powerhouse and provided PCP with our foundational knowledge and praxis.

PCPs president, Dr Sarah Jane Meharg, leads a consortium of globally-based expert practitioners with expertise along the spectrum of operations, including international development and humanitarianism, defence and security, reconstruction, peacebuilding and economic development.

Our service sector encompasses the spectrum of intervention operations and we are active in many aspects of our client projects' lifecycle, including innovations, research and development, analysis, project planning, implementation, management and evaluation. We apply advanced web-based communication processes and new-use technologies in all our projects.

Our mission is to improve quality of life in Canada and abroad through cultural and economic development along the spectrum of peace and conflict.

We are growing our company and building national and international partnerships. For more information on our corporate growth strategy, visit our Partnership Opportunity.