Post Conflict Reconstruction Software & MOE

Our 'Measures of Effectiveness' (MOE) solution is sophisticated, yet user-friendly and replaces the ad hoc MOE approach that exists within the defence, diplomacy, and development sectors in the field. The final product is easily implemented at the field practitioner level, but is rigorous enough to inform decision-makers, so that midcourse corrections can be made if necessary. This system captures the relationship between costs, time, activities, and impacts, and is of tremendous benefit to meeting mandates in the field.

This current, real-time data reporting system is required in the emerging inter-operable and inter-departmental frameworks in which governments, stakeholders, actors, and sectors are working. The rapidly changing context of failed and failing states suggests that all actors need to quickly communicate MOE information through an interoperable MOE framework. Centralizing such data informs the mission at all levels and provides the much needed baseline data to measure progress, either positive or negative. With consistent use over a multi-year period, this MOE system will measure effectiveness in an integrated system and contribute to the overall evaluation and effectiveness of post-conflict reconstruction activities.