John Meharg

Director, Research, Development and Innovations

Mr. John Meharg is an ICT and environmental security specialist with military experience.

John is an innovations leader, focusing his research and product development on web-based economies, global peace operations, development-sector best practices, and the application of defence science.

John manages the contracting of innovation expertise and out-sourcing of practictioners to client projects on behalf of PCP Canada.

He is a patented inventor and futurist whose services are contracted to national and international militaries, governments, and private sector corporations. John is a military trained peacekeeper/network engineer who has served the Canadian Government in various departments.

John undertakes research and development of post-conflict and post-disaster products and services. He ingathers international lessons learned and best practices and delivers them to new theatres of opportunity. John researches national and international economic and financial modeling innovations and designs them into web-based applications and publishes policy options on future trends.

John Meharg's current research projects are:

  • Post-conflict reconstruction (PCR) measures of effectiveness and evaluation systems
  • Project Identigenesis: community cultural and economic accelerator
  • North American Security Corridor (NASC) VS. NAFTA Super Corridors
  • Wireless path mapping: making invisible networks visible using electronic warfare technologies.